Case Study

Sustainability in Saudi

Can Ethical Label Sadeem Dominate Arab Fashion?

When Saudi-born designer Alshehail launched her prêt-à-couture, sustainable fashion label ‘Sadeem’ in 2016, Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom’s market was still in its nascency. Recognizing how fashion was the second- most polluting industry after oil and gas, Alshehail embraced sustainable practices and collaborated exclusively with suppliers that shared the same values. However, she faced several challenges in sourcing the materials and even in terms of consumer awareness, with the latter requiring a shift in preferences towards responsible fashion.

This case study looks at a Saudi women entrepreneur’s journey in a region that was on the verge of burgeoning in the sustainability arena. It also captures the growth of the Sadeem brand over a three-year period and highlights the internal and external challenges faced by the business and industry.

To explore how Alshehail can leverage Sadeem’s ethical haute couture beyond the Kingdom and expand into the Arab sphere, download the case below.

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